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Dear Parents & Students, I don´t think any of us would have lived through a crisis quite like this and there are now fundamental changes to our daily lives – including the way we communicate, socialise, work and support our loved ones. But I also know many of us are struggling to get the balance right, to change the way we live and work.
I could not be prouder of the way staff and students have adapted in a very short space of time. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the move to online teaching and to our students for their patience and heeding the advice and information over recent days. I am very sure that they will be doing their very best to ensure an excellent learning experience in the days and weeks ahead.
Now, to strengthen this online learning, we have come up with a “V Learning Portal” which will be a significant tool to online assignments & online exams. Through this portal we will be adopting alternate methods of teaching, learning and assessments so that teachers will try to stay connected with the students, and also this portal will help the students to stay in touch with their studies till the college reopens. Student will be provided with an ID and Password. Even we are in the process of creating video classes by our teachers and sending reference links so that students listen to those lectures and do assignments. Our principals will be communicating the instructions regularly through SMS, Voice Messaging and College website. In case of suggestions, queries and doubts please send mails to:

Best Wishes
Sri D Murali Krishna
Vikash Group of Institutions

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